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Just spotted @trond_giske at the local here in

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donateadaynet a day’s salary has been donated to Live Laugh Love Hannah donateaday.net/2018/09/live-l…

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@Mtnhouse This isn’t real Mountain House, right?


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felixrieseberg I put Windows 95 into an Electron app that now runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux. It’s a terrible idea that works s..twitter.com/i/web/status/1…3F

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donateadaynet a day’s salary has been donated to @RainforestRescu donateaday.net/2018/08/rainfo…

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Cook with Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul in the Breaking Bad RV! omaze.com/experiences/br…

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@cnni edition.cnn.com/youralerts/ seems outdated. Is this still the place to administer CNN email alerts?

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Weerplaza GEEN PANIEK! Een enkele modelberekening geeft 40 graden voor het weekend van 28-29 juli, dat liet ons schrikken. Me..twitter.com/i/web/status/1…PF

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@elonmusk Have you seen this one? If so, has it inspired you at some stage?


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andrewhunterm Dear America. We have your president. If you do not send us $30,000,000, in unmarked bills, by 2000 hours BST on Fr..twitter.com/i/web/status/1…A1

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s8n Sorry about the recent heatwave, someone left the doors of hell open.

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@o_shlong @nimSQUARE @FortniteGame Children under the age of 10 should not have

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donateadaynet a day’s salary has been donated to @Sightsavers donateaday.net/2018/07/sights…

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Norwegian tourist board says it can’t a-fjord the bad publicity from ‘Land of Chlamydia’ posters s.meulie.net/2K0cKGN

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Japanese worker punished for starting lunch three minutes early s.meulie.net/2K8fLkc

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The end of the Internet as we know it? - European copyright bill might kill the meme and change the internet s.meulie.net/2tr9M34

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Netherlands considering paying people to cycle to work in effort to cut road congestion s.meulie.net/2M999md

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A China-based hacking campaign breached US satellite and defense companies s.meulie.net/2K2SSij

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Dancing in Movies, an excellent compilation of dancing in movies, set Tina song by Wham! s.meulie.net/2tbkMSG

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Meteorologene Kraftige vindkast i fjellet i nå ???pic.twitter.com/8VNdvlfQ0XQ0X

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