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January 2010

CaliLewis I’ll be at the WordPress meetup in DFW today (and recording it). See you there!

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@JewelStaite I know where I go shopping tomorrow! ;-)

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@tinaimahara You sure you wanna send that stuff all the way to Norway? ;-)

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@PeterRozenbeek Om naar te kijken, of om in te zitten? ;-)

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@twittola I’m sure you can smash someone on the head with one: killer app! ;-)

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RT @hvangen: Strømmen forsvant i Sarpsborg. Blir ikke mye jobbing idag. http://bit.ly/bQG2F2

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@twittola Yeah, better not piss off the Hafslund dudes… ;-)

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is looking forward to seeing #Avatar3D tonight for the 2nd time!

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Charlie Simpson is fundraising for UNICEF UK - JustGiving - http://shar.es/aSzo6

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Reading: ‘Rattenplaag in Castricum — Hart van Nederland’ http://bit.ly/6iddmH @hartvannl
Hmm, mijn ouders wonen in die straat…

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CaliLewis I love technology even when it causes major problems. Or at least that’s what I tell myself while dealing with the problems. :)

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MingNa #Avatar is still swimming in my head! The beauty, the images & the message of the story. Can’t wait 2 see it again!

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donttrythis http://twitpic.com/z9db1 - The duct tape arrived today…

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Wrong, wrong, wrong name for Children Dentistry website: http://www.pedosmiles.co… ;-)

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RT @hvangen: Kan ikke noe for det, men hånball er en forferdelig kjedelig sport.

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@Naaoomieh En om hoeveel had je gevraagd? ;-)

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@salfijn Alles prima hier, hoor. Zo’n -10C buiten, maar binnen is het lekker warm :-)

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@salfijn valt hier best wel mee, hoor… ;-)

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@textfiles I have similar issues with RESPOND.AS domain. It’s for sale, but so far I’ve only gotten offers not even worth considering…

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RT @twittola: “Gay Teen Worried He Might Be Christian” - genial satire frÃ¥ TheOnion. http://bit.ly/8OKFWp

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@bleedo How can 11.01.2010 be a binary date? :-P

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@donttrythis Hmm, you don’t look that short to me… ;-)

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@nielssert Ik heb nooit de moeite genomen om te kijken wat haar schoenmaat is, dus: weet niet ;-)
Nog 1 uur en dan: weekend! :)

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@nielssert Ja, dat hoorde ik… Niet over van vorig jaar? Of misschien heeft M. dezelfde voetmaat als jij? Kun je die lenen… ;-)

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RT @thenokiablog Google Nexus One vs Nokia N900 Hardware Photos and First Impressions http://bit.ly/8PorjC

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@nielssert Oh, ik kan een beetje kou wel hebben, en da’s maar goed ook: http://bit.ly/8tCyq7

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Dead dude found right outside my office: http://www.sa.no/lokale_…

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relaxing a bit after 1st office day of 2010…

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