Evert Meulie (@meulie)

Sarpsborg, Norway

The below is an off-site archive of all tweets posted by @meulie, between Mar 7th, 2007 & June 12th, 2023 (this is when Elon Musk turned off the API this archive depended on ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ ).

December 2009

went to see #Avatar 3D tonight. Magnificent movie!

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playing with my new N900 !

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purchased a Nokia N900 last night :-)

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tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh’a’ #klingon (translate: http://bit.ly/7RgPgu)

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Pakjesavond! :-)

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F.A.R.T. - Fathers Against Rude Television http://evert.meulie.net/…

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@boekgirl Well, blue IS usually the color of the police… ;-)

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@twittola as long as the cam is not hidden and the employees are aware of it, I think it’s perfectly legal…

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@textfiles 152000 spam? What timeframe are we talking about here? ;-)

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RT @cnnbrk: Seattle police: Suspect in slaying of 4 policemen shot/killed. http://bit.ly/6FnpkG
Hmm, did they even TRY to arrest him? ;-)

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