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April 2011

Dutchcowboy 8-) RT @dirkgroten: The most Hilarious picture from the #RoyalWedding. Cant stop laughing http://twitpic.com/4r3mes via @twitpic

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April 30th, so…
Long live the Queen! / Leve de Koningin!

Oranje Boven!

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googlemaps First satellite images of Alabama after tornadoes. See at http://goo.gl/28f6M; before/after photos http://goo.gl/RtXTN

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@heatherAtaylor I envy you! Was there last week, to visit family.
Have a great time! :-)

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ToryBelleci Gas $4.50 per gal.? WHAT?!!! But then I just paid $2.50 for a cup of coffee. That’s $26 a gal. Wish I could drink gas or find cheaper coffee

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@heatherAtaylor Enjoy Holland! It’s my favorite country! Visiting for business, or pleasure?

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romainguy If your app writes images to the SD card, please (I beg you), add a .nomedia file in your directory so they don’t show up in Gallery

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Not with the right app // RT @JoannaStern Taking screenshots on Android is a real bitch

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donttrythis Please google “monkey tail beard”. You’re welcome. (trying to convince Jamie to try this one…)

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Three cheers for Baron Carrickfergus & his bird! #RoyalWedding #rw11

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Kinda embarrassing for the #BBC that http://www.bbc.com/royal… doesn’t work… #RoyalWedding #rw11 #fail

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Astro_Flow @NASA photographer Bill Ingalls is an amazing man and has mad camera skills also. Endeavor poised 4 t/o during storm. http://t.co/tZxhda8

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Dear Royal Mail, it appears my invitation got lost in the mail #RoyalWedding #rw11

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engadget Shocker! Free Android apps outnumber free iPhone apps http://engt.co/mItuMY

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So the ‘school kids’ actually get to study? // RT @stephenstohn Read-through :) http://twitpic.com/4qoa6o

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LordStewie Who else would like to get in a taxi and say “Follow that car”?

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DavidGArnold I Saw Thor. I thort it was good!!! I SAID I THORT IT WAS GOOD!!!!

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Just wondering… Wouldn’t a #Pringles can be perfect to store a large stack of #Senseo pads in?

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bbcfocus Watch the final flight of Shuttle Endeavour live at 19:47 GMT tomorrow: http://bit.ly/jkgmDS

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Lekker zwammen op Twitter // RT @BoswachterNHD: korte wandeling door het bos van Marquette en al 5 x de zadelzwam aangetroffen.

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JoannaStern I guess Notion Ink should have kept the review unit to itself… http://t.co/2Q4haKx via @engadget

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GoogleAtWork Google Sites brings you over 100 new web fonts. http://goo.gl/CfL4W

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mashable No Tweets Allowed at the Royal Wedding - http://on.mash.to/ljFFj5 #rw2011

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Dutch footballer signed to professional contract - at age 1 http://bit.ly/gHFFIS

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SethMacFarlane Now that we’ve seen his birth certificate, I want to see proof that President Obama is black.

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PolitieHM 9-jarige Benjamin Neyda uit #Leiden is sinds dinsdag 26 april vermist, hij droeg een groen vest . Info? 0900-8844 http://yfrog.com/h42ektvj

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Nielsen: Android overtakes iOS in desirability, sales in the US http://s.meulie.net/f8wt…

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RT @yottaa: Today Yottaa Launches 1st Automated Web Performance Optimization Service — A Faster Web Experience for Everyone! http://goo. …

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I don’t give a hoot about the Royal Wedding on Friday. If you don’t either, RT this.

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@ToryBelleci Welcome on Twitter! Now only Mr. Hineyman, and the team is complete! :-)

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@Ramonahz That’s all I use. Am I a ‘good folk’? ;-)

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@gvanlee Als het kalf verdronken is, dempt men de put. (o.i.d.)

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@gvanlee Had je dus gisteren moeten gaan :-P

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BernardusJ Forget China and India, Sweden is tech’s superpower http://reg.cx/1NH7

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Why does Dell put stuff like ‘Modem diagnostic tool’ on a laptop without a modem…? #Dell #fail

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@kristianlunde for when she’s ready to move on to singing about food: http://www.youtube.com/w…

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LoesjeNL **raar is zo gek nog niet** http://twitpic.com/4q07wf #loesje #goeiemorgen

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LordStewie ill be burger king and youll be mcdonalds, ill be having it my way and youll be loving it (;

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I’ll ask when/if I ever meet one // RT @rockitwithjbird what do normal people do in free time?

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LATimescitydesk From our photo archives, 1968 — Caltech students at NBC to protest rumored `Star Trek’ cancellation: http://lat.ms/ibKr8T

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wordpress WordPress 3.1.2 Released - Please update immediately - http://wp.me/pZhYe-t3

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google Happy 226th bday to John James Audubon, ultimate birdwatcher. Click on our homepage to learn more http://twitpic.com/4pu4h3

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A big thanks to @stephenstohn for the #Degrassi kit! It will make someone very happy! :-)

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Sad to hear about the demise of typewriters but at least you never run out of ink with a computer keyboa

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Tell a girl she’s beautiful a million times, and she’ll never believe you. Call her ugly once, and she’ll never forget it.

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Only 21 years to go before I can call myself a #sexagenarian ;-)

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rop_g I guess my high-voltage supercap discharge over USB device does indeed look a bit like a cellphone, officer. http://is.gd/upCK70

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Looking forward to the moment when @shelterbox ships out the 2 boxes I purchased/donated :-)

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1 cigar doesn’t kill you… or…? Cuban man get rolling on world record 70m cigar | http://bit.ly/eeMiuy

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1 more year to go as a #tricenarian before I get to be a #quadragenarian

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Use packing tape to see through privacy/frosted glass http://s.meulie.net/dLih…

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A moment of silence: The manual #typewriter is finally dead http://s.meulie.net/dRMu…

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10x zoveel in die van mij, maar… ditto! // RT @BoswachterNHD: Ondanks die volle mailbox ga ik er toch een mooie dag maken, jij ook?

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@SarahKSilverman Why is being left-handed here being associated with being gay…?

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Right now? Reading Tweets on Twitter! // RT @SonyReaderStore What are you reading today?

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Hertog Jan Grand Prestige beer - puts hair on your chest, teeth, toes and other places!

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adamsconsulting Top 12 Most Bizarre Things Ever Listed On Ebay - http://bit.ly/5ufLf8

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Queen’s Day: Go Dutch for an alternative royal celebration http://s.meulie.net/exQv… #koninginnedag

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Departed the land of the tall #Dutch yesterday. Now among the short #Norwegians again…

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thinkgeek Happy DNA Day! Today in 1953, Watson & Crick published its double helix structure. Celebrate by encoding tweets in A C G & T.

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RealNichelle Eat them. Why? What do you do with your leftovers? RT @legacysallure I made a duck today, too. What do you do with your leftovers?

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Hmm, 12 minutes of birthday left, but it’s dead-boring to sit ‘alone’ in the boat-bar, so I guess I’m off to my bunk…

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@dagreis Hebben we zo ongeveer dezelfde mentale leeftijd ;-)

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@AndreaSvZ Die ‘/’ moest natuurlijk een spatie zijn… ;-)

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Who wants to join this birthday boy for a dance aboard MS Stena Scandinavica? http://twitpic.com/4p3jsg

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@AndreaSvZ Jij ziet er tenminste nog lekker/jong uit ;-)

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@dagreis 39? Echt waar? Zou je niet zeggen…

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want to do this Birthday Boy a favor? Follow @donateadaynet , check out http://donateaday.net/ & be inspired. Please RT

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39 now… I feel just as old as when I was 38 (body age: 45 at least, mind age: 14 at most) #birthday

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On the Stena Scandinavica IV. Free wifi on the entire ship!
Colorline, you got a lesson to learn here…

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Instead of “lol” I put “lsimhbiwfefmtalol” Laughing silently in my head because it wasn’t funny enough for me to actually laugh out loud.

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Effe poepen bij McD in #joure alvorens Nederland weer te verlaten…

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want to do this Birthday Boy a favor? Follow @donateadaynet , check out http://donateaday.net/ & be inspired. Please RT

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I’m shocked the Easter Bunny was voted Top Easter Celebrity. I thought Jesus was nailed on.

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Soozy1965 @DavidGArnold Jamie Oliver sausages. On the back of the packet it says “prick with a fork”…sometimes they write themselves.

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JoannaStern Okay, apparently Plume for Honeycomb is coming soon. I can sleep now…

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donttrythis Wtf!? Bubble wrap that can’t be popped? Where’s the fun in that? http://plixi.com/p/94973…

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ladysorci RT @ChristianKane01 Please help find Holly Bobo.. Pls help anyway you can. Get this out there! http://twitpic.com/4l53hz ||

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@elfkn Altijd leuk in #haaksbergen
Vroeger ook nog geregeld geweest

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antiSerphres If Facebook ever shut down you’d see people roaming the streets shoving pictures in peoples faces screaming “Do you like this?! DO YOU?!”

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mashable Amazon Server Troubles Take Down Reddit, Foursquare and HootSuite - http://on.mash.to/her9W1

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@MikeWasHier Je vriendin is het daar mee eens? ;-)

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How to turn 3 naked women into a… tiger! http://www.paintedalive….

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politiezld Sinds 16.45 uur 5-jarig meisje vermist in #Sluiskil, Isabellastraat/kanaal.Paars zomerjurk + hartjes Dnkr bl haar boblijn.

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@BoswachterNHD Ik ga er van de week tòch eens langs!
Morgen op de boot, dinsdag namiddag aankomst in Castricum! :-)

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DavidGArnold Due to a typo I am now entered in the UK Touring Cat Competition

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I’m often misunderstood by those who dont have a special power I like to call “common sense”

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That feline looks well-fed, and satisfied with life // RT @stephenstohn Sleeping cat http://twitpic.com/4lq85z

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@gvanlee Alleen als iemand de brandweer voor je belt… ;-)

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@boeren Een overall om in te… boeren?

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Love the Foursixteen pin I just got on @gowalla http://gowal.la/t/dro

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@elfkn Mooi zo! Zie je niet vaak meer tegenwoordig

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@elfkn En extra korting als je ze op Twitter promoot? ;-)

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Fertilizer firm Yara. the sh*t has hit the fan // RT @norwaynews: Large firm caught in bribery concerns http://t.co/vYov5lW

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Raise the Titanic by Clive Cussler // RT @LibraryThing: What’s on your reading list for the weekend? #LibraryThingReads #fridayreads

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SethMacFarlane Immediately following a sex partner’s orgasm, it’s cool to softly whisper “zoom, zoom” into her ear.

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Met de benenwagen dus? // RT @gvanlee: Zometeen op ecotour over #bonaire. Ben benieuwd!

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engadget Windows 8 to feature USB-runnable Portable Workspaces, sales of 16GB thumb drives set to soar http://engt.co/g2Hm1l

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@spb_software I timed it: 3 minutes, 12 seconds. Will take the details with your support dept. :-)

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birgerweb Adobe (insert app name) CS5 (not Responding) #argh

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@BasBNCP Doe je ook gratis indeuken? ;-)

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After reading this sentence you will realize that the the brain doesn’t recognize a second ‘the’. Now you read it to see if that’s true.

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LordStewie My friend David had his ID stolen yesterday. We just call him Dav now

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RT @mashable: Airbnb Lets You Rent a Country … For $70K a Night - http://on.mash.to/hmtl9r

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Spending the day at home with Jacob who’s feeling a bit under the weather…

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@stephenstohn Thanks for that 5-star endorsement of my alter ego, @donateadaynet :-)

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stephenstohn What a great cause: @donateadaynet gets five gold stars for great work!!!!!!

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@HelenHunt If you survived the death scene, it wasn’t realistic enough ;-)

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My previous tweet should not be perceived as a terrorist threat. Just making fun of King Harald’s sorry-ass defences ;-)

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King Harald, be afraid… be very afraid! No one is guarding you… http://s.meulie.net/dOYB… #Norge

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Computer designed for women: the Petticoat 5 http://s.meulie.net/gzPQ… (via @youtube)

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TheEFamily Sheila E. on LOPEZ TONIGHT - Wednesday, April 13: http://t.co/eOxa9u8

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grantimahara Hey people, Mortal Kombat: Legacy is for REAL! See the trailer: http://t.co/2LUClg4

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bbcfocus The 10 best Android science apps http://bit.ly/fKuUas

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DNS troubles at Borg Svakstrøm -> All sites they host DNS for are unreachable -> #fail

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engadget Microsoft pushes out preview build of Internet Explorer 10 http://engt.co/eVbe27

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Biggest slut song of all time? “So Many Men, So Little Time” http://www.youtube.com/w…

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The Web by @MythBusters in MobileEntertainment, in 1st place in the #Webbys completes me! Vote: http://bit.ly/ejBFEC

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FYI: First mammals to achieve orbit, in order: Dog, Guinea Pig, Mouse, Russian Human, Chimpanzee, American Human.

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@spb_software Is it normal that I have ‘SPB Shell 3D is loading…’ for several minutes before the thing actually works?

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@altibox Darn, no speed-of-light between my house & my office, ‘only’ supersonic… ;-)

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@altibox Does my 15/15 speed limit also apply when I connect to servers within the #Altibox network?

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Is the Asus EEE Transformer the hottest #Android Honeycomb Tablet available within the next 30 days?

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@gvanlee Ze pakken je vast op de terugweg ;-)

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@NeelieKroesEU I guess the IBM PC was ICT equivalent of going to the moon.

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@gvanlee Klaar voor een ‘cavity search’? ;-)

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Ik heb het bewijs! // RT @gvanlee: @JayDoubleJoe is dat bewezen? #dachthetnietdus

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@BillGates Convince some people to check out http://donateaday.net/
Giving foreign aid each month

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@gvanlee Hangen er geen geotags aan mijn tweets? ;-)

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@gvanlee Was 26 graden in mijn kantoor vandaag… :-(

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@BethJRiesgraf I thought I spotted you in ‘Arctic Blast’. Turned out to be someone else. Bummer…

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Watching ‘Arctic Blast’. Nice movie, and lovely Australian scenery!

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Good news: tits bouncing back in warmer weather - http://s.meulie.net/e0BE… #birds

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Soon it’s time again for E̶a̶s̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶e̶g̶g̶ Spring sphere hunts! http://s.meulie.net/eqIm… (via @mynorthwest )

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Every bibliophile should have a one - a book chair (via http://s.meulie.net/hRj9… ) http://twitpic.com/4jpaz4

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@JoannaStern I still use mine. Sometimes just need the slightly bigger screen and keyboard when mobile.

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In a world without walls and fences, who needs Windows and Gates?

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Omdat je niet gemotiveerd bent? // RT @JosK: Waarom is het schrijven van motivaties soms zo ontzettend lastig..

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@davidgarnold is trading at 22.08 on @EmpireAve. What’s Your Price? http://t.co/iS36wSD

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@helenhunt is trading at 19.74 on @EmpireAve. What’s Your Price? http://t.co/suzuLui

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engadget CyanogenMod 7.0 is now final, ready for your consumption http://engt.co/fhO6Kx

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@osmialowski Did you do a backup/restore of your data via CWM? Is all data still stored in the same places? Perhaps I’ll try this evening :)

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@osmialowski How stable is RC3? Anything not working the way it should?

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@AddictedtoAdamL Thanks! Hope you had a good night too?

Nice to see another person tweeting from Sarpsborg, and tagging locations! :-)

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Photoshop Touch apps extend desktop functionality to iPad/other tablets http://s.meulie.net/dYNR… #Photoshop #iPad

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Can I toss used #Senseo pads on the compost pile? #daretoask

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@gburge Nope, not a $pambot… You can see Tweetnest in action on http://pongsocket.com/tw…

Is that what you had in mind?

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mashable Driverless Tractor Wreaks Parking Lot Havoc [VIRAL VIDEO] - http://on.mash.to/e4Vhg9

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Printing @DavidGArnold’s twitter timeline would use 33,178 sheets of A4 paper! http://t.co/Em0NGlk

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Printing @RealNichelle’s twitter timeline would use 4,585 sheets of A4 paper! http://t.co/SqjUx05

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Printing @JeriLRyan’s twitter timeline would use 134,748 sheets of A4 paper! http://t.co/KHYKksq

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Printing @meulie’s twitter timeline would use 44,262 sheets of A4 paper! http://t.co/QTyfITo

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Philbradley Not often entirely lost for words but …. http://twitpic.com/4j7ouk

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Forget texting. Use this brand new technology instead… the Phone! http://t.co/nHYBAq4

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Lafcadio Hearn begs “Don’t disgust me, please —” http://s.meulie.net/fORn…

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Swallowed some Duracells? // RT @rockitwithjbird: Yea it’s Saturday. Yes I went to bed @ 2am. Yes I woke up at 4am. And yes I’m on a 7am

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Do you play, or watch? // RT @stephenstohn: First tennis outside this season! Such a gorgeous day

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@DavidGArnold Is that where you keep your Yellow Submarine as well?

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BBC News - Dutch gunman ‘kills at least two’ - http://bbc.in/eUVS5f

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Doden bij schietpartij Alphen aan den Rijn http://t.co/d3KvE71 via @telegraaf

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@EmilieMeli Is today treating you better than yesterday?

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That’s what the drug test revealed // RT @DavidGArnold #changeonelettersongs its in his piss

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Cheez Doodles & chocolate milk. Yummy! ;-)

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TheEFamily The 2011 Hague Jazz Festival - June 18: http://t.co/cL0dSom

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RT @NRKbeta: Vil du bli redaktør for yr.no?: Stillinga som redaktør for yr.no er ledig. http://bit.ly/fQXzCb

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@EmilieMeli Sorry to hear that… I hope tomorrow will be better for you! :-)

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