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Sarpsborg, Norway

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September 27th, 2010

Going to watch Star Trek: Of Gods and Men ( http://www.imdb.com/rg/s… ) tonight with Nichelle Nichols as Captain Uhura!

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thinkgeek I fixed you lunch… but then I made a neat-o timelapse video of it rotting: http://j.mp/dj0FpY

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@JeriLRyan Still awake, or already awake? ;-) Your insomnia is nice for us Europeans who otherwise hardly see you awake when we are. :-)

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@spoonapps Looks like ClamAV has resolved the issue. I no longer get any warnings when starting any SpoonApps :-)

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When I was young there were skillful (& cute!) drummers like @sheilaedrummer . All today’s youth has is www.drumbutton.com

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@RealNichelle: Good plan! Will it perhaps be a joint venture with @zoesaldana ?

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