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July 22nd, 2011

@InaAurora Looks like I was pretty close with my guess…

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@InaAurora Falske? Sounded you were _done_ for the night… ;-)

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steely_glint “PLEASE RT! - I urge everyone in OSLO to unlock WIFI so that anyone trapped has an alternative to communicate - THANK YOU” (mobile offload!)

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@InaAurora It’s doable to travel from Oslo to Utøya in the time between the bombing and the shooting. Better 1 lunatic than organized terror

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Are the bomb in Oslo & the massacre on the island a killing spree carried out by just 1 person? #oslo #Utøya #norway

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CNN is live-streaming Norwegian TV2. I guess it must be serious #Norway #terror #Oslo #osloexpl

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Police is evacuating all media offices in Oslo. An interesting way to control/slow down the news ouput… #censorship

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BBCBreaking #Oslo police confirm explosion was a bomb. Live: http://bbc.in/o2XlDx

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I just watched Stardust (2007) - http://t.co/L12wTY5 again. @katemagowan & @ClaireCDanes are such cuties! ;-)

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