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October 10th, 2012

AndroidPolice Getting To Know Android 4.1.2 - A Location Settings Revamp, On-Demand ‘Bug Reports,’ Smoother Button Glows, And More http://t.co/y78pXD4A

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AndroidPolice Google Posts Updated Binaries And Android 4.1.2 Images For Multiple Nexus Devices http://t.co/nGy2ow8p

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@realnichelle At end of next week I’ll be in NYC and I’ll visit the space shuttle Enterprise for sure! :-)

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Apple Choice of IPhone Aluminum Said to Slow Down Output http://t.co/XP9Wr8ut

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The Geekiest License Plates of All Time http://t.co/ebPTlfvo

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15 8-Bit horror games you’ll want to play with the lights on http://t.co/NTkeQgCn

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How much does it cost to charge an iPhone 5? A thought-provokingly modest $0.41/year http://t.co/IsxsGoxr

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What Is The Oldest Electrical Coding System Still In Use? http://t.co/UvNHrQQu

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RED SAND: a Mass Effect fan film http://t.co/iLEeOdGr

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Deciphering Testing Jargon http://t.co/rDOcHcOV

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@BezeqBenleumi Gotten one already. A usual ‘send us all your logs and if you suspect a crime contact the police’.

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