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November 1st, 2012

Money Spent on Healthcare and Disease Eradication [Infographic] http://t.co/zcm8rDMF

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10 mistakes you might be making with your data center http://t.co/IWcRwita

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How to Make Windows 8 Index Encrypted Files http://t.co/yz0JFqDy

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RT @donateadaynet: A day’s salary has been donated to: Fuel Relief Fund http://t.co/MFfUGXCE @fuelrelieffund #donateaday

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The Killer In 1978′s Horror Hit Halloween Wore A Mask Of Which Sci-Fi Actor? http://t.co/j8oMLbpH

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A dozen USB chargers in the lab: Apple is very good, but not quite the best http://t.co/xBYrZVR2

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AndroidPolice Initial Impressions Of The Nexus 4 - Raising The Bar For Design, Materials, And Build Quality http://t.co/OXnzCJSU

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DaanosDaanos @LoesjeNL Kan jij helpen?! Meike is een meisje (2) met neuroblastoom. #help #RT #megameike http://t.co/i8y2T7hz

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RT @PSFK: Duracell’s mobile charging stations bring power to the gadgets of Lower Manhattan: http://t.co/fpkIDnxk

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Introducing the new compose in Gmail http://t.co/e5mj96SU

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Why the Marathon Is the Last Thing New York Needs http://t.co/Xa2jsO3i

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@deFalcoAlex I’d just put Chrome on it instead :-)

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How To Change the Default Search Engine in Windows 8′s Internet Explorer 10 http://t.co/CizaUnwZ

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St James Cemetery Lodge for sale http://t.co/3vtHMTVE

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Charities & Good Causes in China http://t.co/s6HuRyWs via @donateadaynet

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