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December 12th, 2012

How to spot a nuclear weapons convoy http://t.co/8ZLRfH1Y

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Secure Yourself by Using Two-Step Verification on These 16 Web Services http://t.co/ZXOLhkS0

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What Catapulted The MP3 Into Popular Use? http://t.co/TaWL7kla

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RT @MetroUK: ‘An era has passed away.’ Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh pays tribute to Ravi Shankar who died aged 92 http://t.co/Fp

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Life Before and After Cell Phones http://t.co/89MU786C

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textfiles ASCII Weblog: The Quiet Wikideath of BBS History. http://t.co/yD6kcfdJ

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How to Fix a Stuck Pixel on an LCD Monitor http://t.co/ekVcAGDS

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How to Do a Full Shutdown in Windows 8 Without Disabling Hybrid Boot http://t.co/AVezhasO

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