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March 14th, 2013

Rule number one: You’ve got to be seen to get noticed.

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What Android Data is Backed Up Automatically? http://t.co/1fA6nyqkIa

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European lawmakers leave “green fairy” out of absinthe http://t.co/PRUtYusHHY via @reuters

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Philbradley 20 alternatives to Google Reader http://t.co/Zcl9oCJxHI Traditional, news curation, tablet based; I’ve gathered a good selection to try.

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mollywood Really, though. They’re shutting DOWN Google Reader? Like how hard is Google Reader to maintain? Compared to moon trips and autonomous cars?

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Google: Keep Google Reader Running https://t.co/Fmtyybd9d0 via @change

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Alfred Nobel Established the Nobel Prize After What? http://t.co/X2Hwiqj7dS

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Dropbox 2.0 Adds New Notifications Menu, Allows Easy Sharing and Activity Monitoring http://t.co/5lDe5807E8

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@Sanniiie And for them. Putting up for 8 hours straight with me isn’t easy on some people <evil grin>

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@Sanniiie Ah… I can say ‘Aloha!’ to my colleagues at 16:00 already :)

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@Sanniiie I wish I was there… Shower/Breakfast was >1 hour ago for me…

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Ik vraag me af of Paus Franciscus al aan het oefenen is? #BedanktVoorDeBloemen

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@Sanniiie Always a good idea! ;)

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