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Sarpsborg, Norway

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April 26th, 2013

Doc008 Wat goed zeg die #koningsspelen! Zoals de aanstaande koning zegt is het idd belangrijk dat kinderen goed ontbijten en sporten #zoeens

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TechRepublic Laying down the facts on Google Fiber http://t.co/jBxjT3sgnH

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sourceforge iBBS ( http://t.co/fmMKmNlGbg ): iBBS is a fully capable bbs program for Linux. iBBS 3.0 released - http://t.co/LvfksBJmSi

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@mashable Why not toss the Xperia Z in the mix as well?

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Earth_Pics You’re drunk, rainbow. http://t.co/hEmAwm01w0

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Report Reveals Derrick Actor Horst Tappert Was a SS Member http://t.co/Hn1ql652Ou

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What Was The Deadliest Airship Disaster Of All Time? http://t.co/EROisfvIcv

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Which Computer Component Derives Its Name From Greek Mythology? http://t.co/f9tGdrbSiW

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BBCTech Warning over bug in Viber chat app http://t.co/GrwfqqQmU6

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Zit Nederland op 30 april tussen 10:00 & 14:00 zonder staatshoofd? http://t.co/2t9DXG0B7o #dtv

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@safecast Hmm, http://t.co/reTJqtq8jo doesn’t list this ancient but operational nuclear reactor in Norway: http://t.co/Pj3Prpkomx

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Why Does Chrome Say PDF Files Can Harm Your Computer? http://t.co/wxqaCzahbP

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‘Mantis:’ the monster-sized hexapod robot http://t.co/7uAH3oWKY5

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Lessons from the sorority-girl e-mail rant http://t.co/T1HdlrhJAb

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Obama threatens “family tattoo” if daughters get their own http://t.co/6q9lxb0DG2

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