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December 8th, 2010

sunnysingh_sw6 Bloody hell! @anon_operation takes down mastercard, visa, a Swiss bank, the Swedish prosecution, and Lieberman’s site. In 24 hours? Whoa!

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@supercurio whoops… Then I better go back to 5.0.1, I guess…

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herpaderpaherp @Anon_Operation verified.visa.com is a better target, take that out and ecommerce transactions will grind to a halt!

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Anon_Operation http://isitup.org/www.vi… IT’S DOWN! KEEP FIRING!!! #DDOS #PAYBACK #WIKILEAKS

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@supercurio If I use a Linux-box to convert my external sdcard to ext4, will it work on a lag-fixed Galaxy S?

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Touiteur Twitter client turns 2.0, brings a slew of new features, fixes | Android Central http://t.co/cm2A58x via @androidcentral

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@supercurio Just curious: What do you use to create the voice that reports progress during the conversion process? :-)

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Head on over to http://www.librarything…. The place to be for book lovers! #LibraryThing RT @Ramonahz: I love to read :)

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3DMark 11 has been released - Benchmark your graphics card with THE benchmark! http://s.meulie.net/gseT… #3DMark

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BACKUP YOUR CRAP: Missing OS, Backups, Disk Images, Home Servers, BootRec, BootMgr, FixBoot and Problems, Plural http://s.meulie.net/hkRH…

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@Anon_Operation Looks like http://anonops.net/ is down… Did you guys by accident attack localhost? ;-)

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mashable Microsoft Must Really Be Embarrassed By Windows Phone 7 Sales - http://on.mash.to/eFllBd

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jilliancyork The KKK can accept payments via Visa and PayPal, but #WikiLeaks cannot. What a just world we live in.

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mashable The Google Cr-48 Chrome OS Notebook Is All About the Web - http://on.mash.to/fBdvrm

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IJasonAlexander Why has no one approached me about playing a Hobbit? Hey Pete Jackson — talk about a gift horse!

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