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Sarpsborg, Norway

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December 10th, 2010

Rudolph (You Don’t Have To Put On The Red Light) - http://s.meulie.net/dVsy…

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@ChristianKane01 Tried to get your album at http://christiankane.com… but apparently the digital download is only for USA?

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Blah blah blah - http://s.meulie.net/fRRw… (Don’t miss @WilliamShatner at the end!)

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@JeriLRyan @Alyssa_Milano Let’s all leave the cold and the dirt and enjoy an Appletini! #Scrubs

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Wine Vending Machines Make You Prove You’re Sober - http://s.meulie.net/hpD4…

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BrentSpiner Had a meeting with my agents yesterday. The good news:They expect big things for me next year. The bad news: They thought I was Kevin Kline.

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A kid with a drinking problem! ;-) - http://s.meulie.net/hz1L…

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Op_Payback Attention all Media: ANON OPS: A Press Release: December 10, 2010 : http://bit.ly/fWIu88 (PDF)

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@thilinara @cloudflare It would be the ultimate test of Cloudflare, IMHO :-)

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anonops http://www.moneybookers…. DOWN… #anonops #payback #Wikileaks

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mashable iPad 2 Will Have Two Cameras [REPORT] - http://on.mash.to/fwSICX

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19-Ã¥ring fra Sarpsborg styrer norsk WikiLeaks-side - DN.no http://t.co/qabSdnW via @AddThis

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MrWestern Kinect Hand Detection.. cool. http://www.youtube.com/w…

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@cloudflare Just curious: Would the Cloudflare system be able to withstand an Operation Payback attempt? 8-)

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@JeriLRyan 22F is a bit on the chilly side, yes… Today’s max. temp here: 10F

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