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January 20th, 2012

donttrythis OMG, watch this before it gets brought down. Star Wars by hundreds of unconnected peeps in 15 second bits. Brilliant. http://t.co/Tu7I4ZEc

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@CrownPrincessMM If you decide to join them, find me here: http://t.co/voiqgx8N :-)

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#StarTrek: Federation=good guys.

#StarWars: (Trade) Federation=bad guys.


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tedtibbe Ons zieke, opgegeven neefje Thom wil heel graag nog eenzelfde knuffel als deze. Weet iemand waar deze te koop is? #dtv http://t.co/HIi1CNep

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@DeirdreS Looking at you(r Twitter profile), not for you.

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RT @DeadlineTV: ‘Mythbusters’ Stars Adam Savage And Jamie Hyneman To Topline New Discovery Series http://t.co/RST9Ppaw

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SkyNewsBreak 73-year-old American soul singer Etta James has died from complications of leukemia

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Smartphone users need to get their head out of their apps.

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CrownPrincessMM @meulie @LibraryThing Thanx for the suggestion! Following now.

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Good to see that some people are proud of being book worms! Books->Knowledge->Freedom @CrownPrincessMM

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RT @MrWestern: Noe for lange dager pÃ¥ kontoret… http://t.co/Bj6XiAaK

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@MrWestern Is that your twin brother, on the right? http://t.co/MVz0Zl0e (first photo) @NRKbeta

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@CrownPrincessMM Bookworm? Check out @LibraryThing . The one and only site for bibliophiles!

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@Secondspin How about ‘Blu-ray’ as separate product category on http://t.co/kbjXKBUY ?

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RT @KolibriCARF: På ferie for første gang | Children At Risk Foundation http://t.co/5nJy7xey

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The 11 Star Trek movies ranked worst to first http://t.co/WDQhWY7s

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Every Presentation Ever: Communication FAIL: http://t.co/AAszKRg5 via @youtube

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RT @donateadaynet: If #kidscan, YOU can! Pls watch this video http://t.co/E7E3RiL8 & RT. It could inspire others 2 help & change a child …

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@saDOTno He’s just a temp…

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textfiles I realize “In San Francisco” + “Has Apple II/Commodore Floppies” + “Available Now” may be a tad restrictive.

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mashable Why the iPad Won’t Transform Education — Yet - http://t.co/HAi7TewK

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