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January 27th, 2012

Spanair bankrupt. Crap… do we now have to walk/swim to Mallorca this summer? @star_tour

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@JeriLRyan National Chocolate Cake Day for you. You baking @chefeme one?

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#Twitter committing #twittercide with #twittercensorship. That little bird is now going in a cage. NOT pretty. http://t.co/dDgC1MLt

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@JosK Effe uitleg bij geven…

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I got RTed by @netflix & @CrownPrincessMM this week. #notbad

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essential for all dudes (and some dudettes): a BET! http://t.co/f4lMCptN

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The official Google Code blog: Let’s make TCP faster http://t.co/VWxU1m8c

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Chromium Blog: Making the web speedier and safer with SPDY http://t.co/94yJwHkg

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tedtibbe Naar wens van de ouders niet eerder gecommuniceerd. Afgelopen dinsdag is ons lieve neefje Thom overleden. Hij is vandaag begraven.

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@kristianlunde While running towards 1 thing, you’ll be running away from something else #momentofzen

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Towards, or away from something/someone? / RT @kristianlunde: I feel like going for a run today.

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RT @mashable: 22 EU Countries Ratify ACTA, Key Parliament Member Calls it a ‘Charade’ - http://t.co/3sklQQwq

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@KB_Nederland Hmm, de titel van http://t.co/XuEX6k8t is momenteel ‘Storing’. Gepland onderhoud is _geen_ storing…

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Gopher: Underground Technology http://t.co/kxOFLYn7

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RT @SkyNewsBreak: AP: Owner of shipwrecked Costa Concordia offers each passenger £9,184 in compensation for lost baggage and psychologic …

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“Microsoft isn’t evil, they just make really crappy operating systems” - Linus Torvalds

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birgerweb @SelvesteJonas http://t.co/u1U7STc5

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If you wanna fly, you gotta give up the shit that weighs you down

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Microsoft quietly kills off the desktop PC http://t.co/Z2E0qH7R

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Zijn huidige wachtwoord is ‘Neee-Wom’ / RT @tnttoon: Al mijn paswords komen uit de films van Monty Python. Krijg een nieuwe voorraad.

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mashable Google Earth 6.2 Is a Massive Improvement, Shows Smooth Blue Planet [PICS] - http://t.co/t6QFeokR

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mashable Twitter to Censor Content in Certain Countries - http://t.co/ocvCclkt

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@MdaBig Kom maar met een schep. Kun je mooi een lading van mijn oprit halen ;-)

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