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September 12th, 2012

The iPhone5 is thinner and lighter, but it’ll still sink if it slips out of your pocket and into the toilet.

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ErrataRob so no NFC in the iPhone 5? That’s, um, lame.

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@NRKno Why make fun of elbil in #FBI?? With a Nissan LEAF it would have been a POSITIVE posting!

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Javascript Hero: The New Batch « ASCII by Jason Scott http://t.co/sQoTSPOC

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Are all US presidents psychopaths? http://t.co/i2Jc3A3N

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@MelissaVoegeli Ah…. My apologies for ogling you in such detail ;-)

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The Joy of Tech comic… Stand in the place that you work. http://t.co/zDE1fzJh

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@code42 How about giving her a CrashPlan T-shirt? ;-)

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@MelissaVoegeli Is there a connection between CrashPlan & NetApp?

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The Godfather meets Star Wars http://t.co/Iip8zdE9

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mashable Zuckerberg’s Biggest Mistake http://t.co/YsIjplRl

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@MelissaVoegeli That is one cute nerdess! ;-) http://t.co/aiVTPAPY

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Yes, This Is a Nissan Leaf Race Car | Autopia | http://t.co/1KHnD8cg http://t.co/yNmjnONj

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Why Does Chrome Have So Many Open Processes? - How-To Geek http://t.co/2YlCTMDy

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