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September 19th, 2012

@magnusschaft Perhaps here in Norway… Many other countries _do_ charge for library cards…

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JennyJohnsonHi5 I’ll never understand why Volkswagen makes a flesh-colored Beetle. It looks like a giant, shaved scrotum with wheels.

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Will there be a positive impact on Android for Google Maps now that all the iOS users are being cut off? @googlemaps

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The Linley Group - Apple Designed Own CPU For A6 http://t.co/5YpcAYPu

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mashable Emoticons: The History of Digital Sarcasm ;-) http://t.co/xt2VQl4P

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IMDb Here’s the #newtrailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, w/ Martin Freeman, Sir Ian McKellen & Richard Armitage. http://t.co/Iv0y3mK0

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textfiles I’m adding a few hundred US Military manuals to http://t.co/x5CLCY7n. Will take a little time BUT THIS ONE CAN’T WAIT: http://t.co/CZvIO2rg

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@textfiles Yeah! Now I can cancel my check-up next month, and do it myself!

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@magnusschaft Spotify model? More like a good old-fashioned library card :-)

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9 Windows 7 Features & Applications That No Longer Exist in Windows 8 http://t.co/b45naSWg

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@JeriLRyan Best of luck with upgrading to iOS 6 today ;-)

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Åpen dag på brannstasjonen - Sarpsborg kommune: http://t.co/5rPONZUE

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Ebook price war sees discounts reach 97% http://t.co/rZbaqwDJ

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Questions you should never ask in an job interview http://t.co/4Jn2w2H4

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Check out SomNote! Let’s get some space together. :) https://t.co/JWylKojF

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Google to drop support for IE8 on Nov. 15 http://t.co/o1twgJ4j

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Check out bufferapp for delayed posting: http://t.co/v2ltE53v

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Before the USB Port, computer users plugged their peripherals into what? http://t.co/kyHlSORQ

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How to Launch a 65Gbps DDoS, and How to Stop One http://t.co/XCgdHLAa

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LastPass Meet LastPass Sentry: Always on the lookout for the latest breach, with @PwnedList http://t.co/uCfjsFjR

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