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February 9th, 2013

RT @Valebrokk: Til vakkert vintervær pÃ¥ Rikshospitalet sovnet KÃ¥re Valebrokk, vÃ¥r kjære ektemann, pappa og bestefar, stille inn klokken …

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Chinese New Year 2013 rings in the Year of the Snake http://t.co/NPpho8Pb

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What Happened with LEGO? http://t.co/Ob0NqV0I

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How to Access Files From SD Cards and USB Drives in Modern Windows 8 Apps http://t.co/2xZUN1WY

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Apparent issue with Facebook Connect was dragging people from around the web to a moot error page http://t.co/SduBXdn2

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DavidGArnold Radios are surprised radi’s

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RT @dagwhstang: Det mÃ¥ jobbes med det norske lovverket og hjertelaget. Vi er simple, omgitt av simple og smÃ¥lige mennesker… http://t.c

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@pidgeonwriter Embrace it instead! That’s what we do over here in Norway!

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@jonathansfrakes How about us people in Norway? We have snow too! ;-)

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RT @dagwhstang: @meulie jeg opplever at ikke at vi har blitt bedre i Norge på den stunden. Dessverre

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@dagwhstang I couldn’t agree more! (with you, that is!)

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@dagwhstang 2010… It’s 2013 by now. Even narrow-minded Americans change their minds over the years…

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