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February 12th, 2013

Software that tracks people on social media created by defence firm http://t.co/L7a1iOdD

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Unlocking Windows 8 “God Mode” - A Useful Trick but also Mysterious Nonsense http://t.co/dYuYDzIN

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Plex is the media center software ecosystem I’ve been waiting for - Scott Hanselman http://t.co/OiXFopk4

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Graphic Display Resolutions - What Do The Numbers Mean? http://t.co/O8meC3Li

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Linux Foundation Secure Boot System Released http://t.co/eQ0bentE

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Our gadgets are our prison http://t.co/A1Hi7sf8

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@johndalton Not many people in Australia ;-)

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Today I learned the secret of good managing is hiring people who are smarter than I am. Maybe I’ll try that next time. http://t.co/E1x6dg8B

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BBCClick Minecraft now available for free on the Raspberry Pi - Yahoo! News http://t.co/zQaMJtUq

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theewren Most people want someone who thinks the sun shines out of their ass but I want someone with a basic understanding of the solar system

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@BasNadorp They’re even blocking the site with the movie about #thePirateBay?? Get it here instead: http://t.co/RrWCZnsL

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