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September 13th, 2013

Greece Deletes Computer Hardship Bonus - s.meulie.net/17VrRWk

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Jacob on ‘his’ Moto Guzzi: http://t.co/FpsNOnK9HA

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Power Nap Pillow - Ostrich Pillow s.meulie.net/18ZPZ7p

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US pilot forced to end Atlantic cluster balloon flight s.meulie.net/13XceMT

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Internet, Wall Street unimpressed by new iPhones - s.meulie.net/1eLUlVw

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SirPatStew Yes, married. pic.twitter.com/ZSMnpluSeL

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Is this the unluckiest flight ever? Finnair flight AY666 to HEL (Helsinki) — on Friday the 13ts.meulie.net/16258TVOf

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Why everyone is so down on Apple (post-iPhone 5S) s.meulie.net/161VaBQ

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@SLsJoyette Android is the way to go.

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SLsJoyette So sick and tired of Apple products.

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Microsoft botches still more patches in latest Automatic Update s.meulie.net/17vGqip

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Phonebloks: a phone you can keep forever s.meulie.net/17vcyTo

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Google security exec: ‘Passwords are dead’ s.meulie.net/13UYTVl

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Microsoft’s Concept Videos From 2000 Were Spot-On. So Why Didn’t Ballmer Build Any of It? s.meulie.net/17vhYhn

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@JungleDisk Subscribing to email notifications on http://t.co/3tJmMMOPUZ doesn’t work. It sends me to http://t.co/gkkHB2kspH

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@mashable Not in Norway… The Norwegian Apple store now _only_ sells the 4S. The 5 is gone, and pre-ordering the 5C/5S is not possible…

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What Office Ritual Is The Result Of Careful Marketing? s.meulie.net/18VzIBF

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