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Sarpsborg, Norway

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September 16th, 2011

@hegnil I’m more of a #ffnld , but many thanks nonetheless ;-)

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The accumulated age of all the girls behind the bar is still less than mine #ifeelold

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Spotted at the Quality Hotel in Sarpsborg: Ole Ivars

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Do YOU have glowing balls? This night-light at @thinkgeek does! http://t.co/5QtCDcPO

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Norwegians can’t keep their ship upright/afloat, so the Dutch step in to save the day! http://t.co/IpzXIGBe #hurtigruten #Nordlys

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I see Google has squirted out yet another site/service: Google Flights http://t.co/eoMXvp0N

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VG & DB are hoping to recreate the NRK Hurtigruten-success with a live-feed. Boring for now, but it’s got great potential! ;-)

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