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September 26th, 2011

Slow motion Slinky [video] http://t.co/q446zZI8

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@hegnil Perhaps @paypal can give you some statistics on # of users in Norway?

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Glad to see that companies like #Stormberg still sell shorts like http://t.co/JizIUEuV even though winter is approaching

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The light at the end of the tunnel? / RT @NASA: “JSC is alive, well and moving toward a bright future…”

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Norsk ungdom er dårligst i Europa på bruk av prevensjon http://t.co/ujYMUNJ0 #fail

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Does Germany Owe Greece $95 Billion from WW II? http://t.co/lOhvppRY @bundestag

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Reasons why people who work with computers seem to have a lot of spare time… http://t.co/XPb1YWNk

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Windows 1 vs. Windows 8. Spot the _many_ similarities #Microsoft #win8 http://t.co/8qjttpcm

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Bodleian Library shows off treasures, from Magna Carta to Shakespeare http://t.co/hkzXVM7P

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Scientists use brain imaging to reveal the movies in our mind http://t.co/ScW6QQNB

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NeelieKroesEU In Nairobi will set out my vision 4 internet governance & visit local #ICT & #development projs #IGF #internetcompact

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Because math will get you somewhere in life / “@ashleyindigital My head hurts from math. Why’d I decide to take math this year?…”

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HomerJSimpson You know the small print on car commercials that says “Professional driver on closed course, do not attempt”? I’m the reason for that!

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