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October 26th, 2011

@palmarthinsen You made me rush over and recheck, but nope… 40… :-(

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@palmarthinsen 50?? Not bad! I used to be that high before the big ‘recalculation’…

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A classic, based on many other classics! ;-) http://t.co/JLjooZDP @GetGlue #MarsAttacks

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Interested in a new Kindle? Trade in your old one, or even your iOS/Android! http://t.co/3XfXUNsG

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SkyNewsBreak AFP: Red Cresent says 17 aid trucks have been looted in quake-hit area of Turkey

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Check out MapsGL in Google Chrome. High wow!-factor: http://t.co/A4bcD6NW @googlemaps

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Coroner: Amy Winehouse died as unintended consequence of drinking too much alcohol

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Where Windows Phone Still Falls Short http://t.co/9KVB0P3K via @windowsitpro

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@hegnil PS: 32’ = 32 feet (almost 10 meters!). 32” = 32 inch ;-)

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@hegnil You’re welcome :-)

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@hegnil Check out http://t.co/iKjZ4FJL Full HD for an affordable price :-)

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@hegnil What size do you have in mind?

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I love Dropbox because it supports ALL my devices & OS’es! http://t.co/JbFcFknF

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