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November 3rd, 2011

engadget Google+ gets baked-in YouTube functionality, seeks your +1s http://t.co/OeD9ieEQ

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@birgerweb @kristianlunde @Ramonahz @martinhelgesen Birger always holds on to his farts ;-)

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@UPSHelp @ups Or… an Uninterruptible Power Supply? (aka UPS) ;-)

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You wouldn’t have that problem with (a) @UPS / RT @textfiles: Fantastic! Fedex closed due to power outage.

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hegnil TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made using the letters only on one row of the keyboard.#funfact

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I wonder whether @DavidGArnold has tunes in his head yet for ‘Skyfall’…

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mashable Web Typography 101 - http://t.co/EmeRjbqt

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@hegnil I guess I am more bald… err… bold, and don’t say ‘no’ until I’ve tried something at least once :-)

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How much does the Internet weigh? Apparently as much as… a strawberry! http://t.co/jQJjYpv5

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Checking out my #TopTweeps using Formulists http://t.co/Lgdx8iid

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Please revert http://t.co/YAMOb5sH to a previous version. The new version is… well… not-all-that-good @googlereader

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@hegnil Can I conclude from the ‘ugg’ that you have tried it? ;-)

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@MrWestern although… http://t.co/4ajxDX9y says ‘fix for bluetooth bug’, so perhaps I should follow your example :-)

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@MrWestern I’ll wait for Darky ;-)

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@hegnil Let’s just skip the whole boiling process and eat(/drink?) them raw! #Salmonellosis

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@hegnil ‘enjoy hard boiled eggs without the messy peeling of the eggshell after they’re done.’ But is it worth buying the thing? Nah…

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Get your Butt over to jail, right now! http://t.co/gTQaerDl

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the Anatomy of FEAR / http://t.co/l6OpBkm8

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@Ramonahz you’re in the wrong part of the building! ;-)

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If Linux is a Rubik’s cube, Windows is Legos and OS X is Playdoh. But only white Playdoh.

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mashable Internet Explorer’s share of the global browser market dips below 50% for first time more than 10 years - http://t.co/Fl0Qt23k

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