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November 10th, 2011

@zinio Good! Then I know what I want for Xmas: a Zinio giftcard!

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driverminnie Now there’s an actual department. Great. http://t.co/gCVBVkjL

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@StephenMorley Visiting http://t.co/1v75K3Tq now sends me to http://t.co/GsP8qIcR
Is GopherProxy no more…?

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@zinio Can they be used by non-US customers in non-US Zinio stores? Or at least in the US-store?

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@SteinarJOlsen Cool! Well, I couldn’t come up with anything worth disturbing your lunch for, so no calls from me ;-)

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@CanalDigital Hva er en ‘bredbÃ¥ndsleberandør’? (footer on http://t.co/5wzs6sMn )

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We could run out of hard drives by the end of November http://t.co/eIOh2DX5

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Is your posting on Google+ having a ripple effect? Check it out with Google+ Ripples: http://t.co/jjSC9yWu

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Hmm, Twitter keeps suggesting I should follow @KimKardashian but doesn’t tell me why #fail

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@svdelst ‘Intelligent Systems Designer’. Are you intelligent & design systems? Or do you design intelligent systems? ;-)

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@SteinarJOlsen Is that 40 00 18 94 or 38 10 59 00? ;-)

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@zinio No gift cards available in the Norwegian Zinio store? http://t.co/qe8kCpWq

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