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Sarpsborg, Norway

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March 7th, 2012

Why did they ditch the electric car after only 2 episodes of #lilyhammer ? @stevievanzandt

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@MdaBig Valt best mee, hoor. Maar aangezien ik zag op het weerbericht dat het hoogstwaarschijnlijk regent daar, kon ik het effe niet laten..

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Den skjulte prisen av Ipad3 - http://t.co/RirQMiht

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BBCBreaking Computer giant #Apple unveils new #iPad with high-definition screen and unveils upgraded Apple TV box http://t.co/IhDqIY7c

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@MdaBig Je humeur is nat??

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engadget Google plugs 14 holes, hands out $47k to security researchers http://t.co/cjZXDvTn

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Need a fun activity to do with the kids? How about paper planes? http://t.co/iPQFCjQG

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Accessing the Internet anonymously: http://t.co/zol8YTiu

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Google is combining all their media services like Google Music, Android Market and Google Books into 1 service called Google Play

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