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March 23rd, 2012

rellimluap What happens when you copy and paste the text for your restaurant table mats from Wikipedia: http://t.co/eOTf3qwO

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According to @eBay It’s my 11-year eBay anniversary! Time flies when one is having fun!

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dhewlett Dutch subtitles for Assassidate 1 thanks to Buggy! “Mijn ‘flaccid’ systeem” thanks you! Gotta Love dGeek! http://t.co/8Yh46ByZ

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Norwegian gains instant fame as taxpayers’ everyman http://t.co/U8cDPu2E

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FillWerrell I don’t care what anybody says, being homosexual is still not as gay as Twilight

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funnyoneliners I do what the little voices inside my wife’s head tell me to do.
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funnyoneliners I used to own a party balloon company but I couldn’t keep up with the high cost of inflation.

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torbjornaas Hettegenserens historie. Ikke la det skje igjen!! #barnevold http://t.co/vl2p0Xi1

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Why #WoW Might Get You More Dates Than http://t.co/G0WXUo0L [INFOGRAPHIC] http://t.co/ZHl55dL6

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I _do_ give a shit! / Nå får vi all sarpemøkka - Fredriksstad Blad http://t.co/PHKg9l1B

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@boeren Dan ook maar een Nokia kopen om foto’s van je pads te nemen http://t.co/UxAWlRTC ;-)

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@netcom_ks So Apple is indeed misguiding customers on their site… :-(

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@boeren Moeilijk te zien. Neem eens een _scherpe_ foto! ;-)

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Now that’s the great explanation of windows firewall http://t.co/RmhwM26D via @9GAG

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Technical Analysis: The Abercrombie and Fitch Brown Pants Fiasco, http://t.co/4WeH5kSd

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@mrsnorheim Get a LEAF and drive electric. No more pumping! ;-)

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4G in Norway on the iPad? Or misleading info on http://t.co/IKzgS2eL ? @telenor_service @netcom_ks http://t.co/0mjqXpf5

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@tnttoon Some suckers must still fall for it, and therewith supply them with funds to continue…

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