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March 14th, 2012

BBCBreaking “No sign” that driver in Swiss bus crash was speeding; technical failure or ill-health are possible causes - officials http://t.co/ebGTipqQ

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@crashplan Is any of the servers on http://t.co/ddtK8GpT near your hosting location?

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What exactly happens to smartphones separated from their owners? http://t.co/nRFS719w

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Wear a lab coat: Be perceived as more intelligent. It’s called “Enclothed Cognition” http://t.co/PII94ToW

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Could employers begin asking for Facebook passwords on applications? http://t.co/xyE4HOEX

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BBCBreaking A water authority firm “gambled with as many as 20,000 lives” in UK’s worst mass water poisoning, coroner says http://t.co/NYF3tcSc

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Women only have trouble parking because they’re constantly lied to about what 8 inches is.

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mashable Encyclopaedia Britannica Gives Up On Print Edition - http://t.co/d3tSSOA4

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@reddepers De Pers houd me op de hoogte van wat er in Nederland gebeurt #reddepers

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