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Sarpsborg, Norway

The below is an off-site archive of all tweets posted by @meulie, between Mar 7th, 2007 & June 12th, 2023 (this is when Elon Musk turned off the API this archive depended on ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ ).

August 16th, 2012

@mindofman Android? Please…?

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Syklist påkjørt på Rokkeveien http://t.co/dQs01QKm

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@NissanLEAF What’s best for LEAF battery? Topping it up after short rides, or waiting until charge has dropped below xx% ?

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foreignoffice .@WilliamJHague: The UK does not accept the principle of diplomatic asylum.

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You got nothing to worry, thanks to Always Onlineâ„¢ / @CloudFlareSys: http://t.co/cRj3ZOhS is down due to a crash.

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@MelissaOnline One very good reason NOT to switch: I host my own WordPress. Support is always a nano-second away ;-)

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SkyNewsBreak Foreign Office: Regrettable that Ecuador has taken this decision, best way forward is to seek negotiated settlement

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Windows 8 review: Yes, it’s that bad http://t.co/z9UgyfLs

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@crashplan When will CrashPlan PRO become available outside USA/Canada/Australia/NZ?

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@crashplan nitpicking tip: add a ‘F’ to the temperature mentioned on http://t.co/iRNKooLS . Temps of 70+ scare us Celsius lovers. ;)

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Check out Ubuntu One https://t.co/isiEPxAL

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