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August 22nd, 2012

A, ‘Stripes’… that was from before ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’… http://t.co/Zuju6d01

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RT @ahoogerhuis: Please, don’t tell @thorsheim that Office365 will refuse a password with åøæÅØÆ in it! :D Error says: “Don’t use space, …

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@thorsheim Ah, you _are_ from Bergen… My apologies! ;-)

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@thorsheim But Bergen _is_ the town where it rains so much, right? Why wouldn’t people go elsewhere instead? #touristinformation

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@thorsheim which leaves us with: ‘Why, oh Why???’

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mashable 11 Fascinating Facts About Google Maps http://t.co/ESYiUBUC

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@mindofman Make an Android client! :-)

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@INSPIRIAsc Well… Earth could exist without the moon, but it wouldn’t be the earth as we know it…

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@INSPIRIAsc Perhaps a nice addition for Logia? http://t.co/Lj3Fu2ZT

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Naked photos of partying Prince Harry surface in Las Vegas http://t.co/peS24Fq1

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Listening to Complainers Is Bad for Your Brain http://t.co/29RXxIIf

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@sarpemor Hmm… #solbyen hasn’t been all that sunny lately… Today is ok though, as far as I can tell from my window @ @INSPIRIAsc

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Cracking passwords from the Philips hack - an important lesson [INFOGRAPHIC] http://t.co/agnVGuyN

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@sarpemor Can they park one on the top of your house? In your backyard? Anywhere visible from your house? ;-)

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@carolinejahr I hope not. 95% of the cases reaching the front of DB/VG with photo is a bad thing…

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@carolinejahr Instead of ‘with a towel’ go for ‘wearing a towel’ and I’m sure you’ll make the front on VG & DB.

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@carolinejahr Have _you_ ever showered there? Not me… The McDonalds here in town don’t even have showers…

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@dhewlett Ah, yes… That’s a yearly ritual here as well, with our cat http://t.co/zvL5zl5h

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Tell your boss anything http://t.co/Q3ejQQwv

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