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Sarpsborg, Norway

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January 24th, 2013

Is J.J. Abrams Directing Star Wars Episode VII? http://t.co/DWzSHTrB

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mashable Is J.J. Abrams Directing Star Wars Episode VII? http://t.co/ifNp4AK0

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RT @JeriLRyan: The rainy day has me in a baking mood… Homemade bread tonight with dinner, and Meyer Lemon Shaker Pie in the oven right n …

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WordPress WordPress 3.5.1 maintenance and security release, please update your sites: http://t.co/RLl90Tug

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How to Use a Windows Installer Disc to Back Up Your Files When Your Computer Won’t Boot http://t.co/wcbDFg99

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Understanding Windows 8′s lackluster launch and Microsoft’s cryptic sales figures http://t.co/76qh21I2

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Mind boggling! The Monty Hall problem http://t.co/fTAFbC2d

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I have the app, now all I need is the watch… Please, please, please… @Pebble me! :-)

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Fink-Mao Notation Is Used To Describe What? http://t.co/4SfqguPY

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@bleedo And since you’re going somewhere where there are none: bring some! :) http://t.co/OBAuRTwF

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Unicorns are real. They’re just fat, grey and we call them Rhinos. (hat tip: @bleedo ) http://t.co/r9NT0ZVd

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Solar System Exploration - Who’s visiting who? http://t.co/2aVKZKjX

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