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January 31st, 2013

Being drunk gets you arrested, even if you’re a car passenger! http://t.co/aNL3j3df

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dougdaulton H.265 Video Codec Approved, Will it Revolutionize Video? http://t.co/pj5NFvsO <— A great overview of the potential impact of H.265.

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What’s the Difference Between Jailbreaking, Rooting, and Unlocking? http://t.co/fbrPkHNw

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Making fun of a concentration camp and its prisoners. Are they out of their bleepin’ minds?? http://t.co/lBsF981G #NorthKorea

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(only) 102 simple steps for installing and configuring a new Windows 8 machine http://t.co/pHZ3XuFr

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A collaborative MEGA search engine http://t.co/tciGvbTt

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The Need For Speed: Resources To Optimize Site Load Time http://t.co/wXGwMysU

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Security Flaws in Universal Plug and Play: Unplug, Don’t Play http://t.co/FAAo818r

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They won’t get me today… http://t.co/0oFpwwEk

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Concentration camp ‘reviews’ on Google+… http://t.co/lBsF981G

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Amsterdam is like the Tour de France: Just a lot of people on drugs riding bikes http://t.co/JCUuBeRh

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The sport of today is… ParaHawking! (the bird, not the genius!) http://t.co/P38O4lQA

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nycjim The last one. R.I.P. NYTimes: Patty Andrews, Singer With Her Sisters, Is Dead at 94. http://t.co/tljMFKxK

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