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August 8th, 2013

Indie no-go: only one in ten projects gets fully funded on Kickstarter’s biggest rival s.meulie.net/19ezWZv

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Who Is The Only Person To Have Played Themselves In The Star Trek Universe? s.meulie.net/13QYIGV

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Czech “Pastafarian” wins right to wear kitchen utensil as official religious head gear s.meulie.net/147YXwu

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Google ignores TPB AFK-censoring s.meulie.net/147qq1h

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What Is The Opposite Of Murphy’s Laws.meulie.net/146NKfEof

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@yoast tip: De link naar je FB-pagina op profiles.wordpress.org/joostdevalk/ doet het niet (meer).

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RT @timberners_lee: How to get all you big sister’s passwords http://t.co/CpytKWH9aT and a disappointing reply from Chrome team.

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