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August 20th, 2013

How Can I Reclaim The Full Capacity of an SD Card? s.meulie.net/14xLhfs

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@JosK tip: https://t.co/n90d489h88

speelt makkelijk, en is vandaag gratis :)

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Windows 8 banned by world’s top benchmarking and overclocking sits.meulie.net/1bOSE7ilD

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Amazon.com Goes Down, Loses $66,240 Per Minute s.meulie.net/1dotiiq

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What Company Did Google Almost Sell Out To For Less Than A Million Dollars? s.meulie.net/16rqlKg

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@Hexxeh ‘Chromium OS Vanilla - Status: Active’, according to blog.hexxeh.net/welcome-to-2013 . However, most recent nightly build is 4 months old?

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Here’s what you find when you scan the entire Internet in an hous.meulie.net/16rGC1Sjj

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Upcoming ‘Supervised User’ Feature of Google Chrome s.meulie.net/1dodxbi

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