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February 15th, 2011

MythBusters IBM Computer and Jeopardy! Champ Tied After First Day : @DiscoveryNews http://ow.ly/3X6ic

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RT @Lord_Stewie: Dear Rubiks Cub, I Win! Sincerely, Color Blind #colorblind

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donttrythis Now in 2nd place!! http://www.gifttool.com/…
Still a ways to go for 1st place. Thanks for ALL the $5 dons.

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Watching a B-movie, full of A-stars (Pierce Brosnan, Patrick Stewart & Christopher Lee)…

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engadget Motorola exec nearly rules out Windows Phone completely, laments ‘closed platform’ http://engt.co/i9DyzB

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steverubel Your Klout score could be changing today http://j.mp/ebBIc2

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RT @Alyssa_Milano: Fascinating! Why Van Gogh’s yellows are turning brown☛ http://lat.ms/g01Ia3 /via @nytimes

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Dorkly Bits: Angry Birds Friendship

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engadget Google demos Android Movie Studio for Honeycomb http://engt.co/fDN5RS

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@EmilieMeli I’m not _that_ ancient (yet) that I don’t know the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus… ;-)

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2 and 5 are the only prime numbers that end in 2 or 5. #numbers #math #fact

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RT @SethMacFarlane: Any society that produces three “Big Momma’s House” movies deserves every bad thing that happens to it.

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@EmilieMeli Hannah Who? :-P

Tell your teacher to start watching it as well (or join Twitter. Another good place to learn English) ;-)

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@EmilieMeli You’re welcome :-)

My compliments on your English, btw. It’s way better than that of the avg person I come across in NO

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@EmilieMeli Oh, I would never ask something like that, but there are a few less mature ppl here on Twitter ;-)

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TheBronxZoo Thanks to everyone who named a roach! More than 5,000 of our crawly friends are now named in honor of your loved ones!

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@Ramonahz In tip 14 he states: ‘a Twitter account called @JohnDoe tells me more about the user than @stargazr49!’ #fail

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…en de lijn van onze internet hosting provider is weer eens plat. Wel internet verbinding, maar de webfarm is niet te bereiken… #fail

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BBC News - Silvio Berlusconi: Sex charge trial to begin in April http://www.bbc.co.uk/new…

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@EmilieMeli How did you do on your test? :-)

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@google How come I end up in Google Maps when I go to http://gmodules.com/ ? #Google

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RT @Alyssa_Milano: ★ 28 Typos That Would Have Changed Everything: http://bit.ly/eZtSwI /via @cracked

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@MichaelJacob02 Sorry, but I need functions like multi-tasking and copy/paste…

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