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February 17th, 2011

TIME PHOTOS: Italy’s Fiat 500 finally comes to America | http://ti.me/hFD85r

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TIME A guide for parents: How to find the best drug treatment for troubled teens | http://ti.me/i5pfaa (via @TIMEHealthland)

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Futurama ep. ‘Amazon Women in the Mood’ IRL: http://youtu.be/QRD4d-QI… . Who’s up for snu-snu? #Futurama

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@Philbradley Ah… and you got me thinking you were going to move… :-)

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thisteenlife Good girls are the bad girls that never get caught

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Van wie zijn obscure domeinen zoals degeitwordtgemolken.nl, dezwaluwverlaathetnest.nl en hetbrooddesemiszuur.nl ? Juist ja: de NL overheid

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@jimmy_wales His Grace The Duke of Wellington KG, LVO, OBE, MC, DL? Or some pub named after him? ;-)

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School dreigtweetscholiere stuurt brief - VK http://t.co/HF2Zky0

dreigtweetscholiere? Staat dat al in de Dikke van Dale? #ABN

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@levelupstudio Ah… I was worried for a sec that your absolutely perfect product of Plume was affected…

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@levelupstudio Which of your product(s) does this refer to?

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Electricity shut down in large parts of Northern Norway because of a broken cable & bad weather. Repairs can take several days #Norge #strøm

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Lord_Stewie Being pissed off is better than being pissed on.

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NRKbeta Finnes det perfekte lenker?: Vegard Storstad er prosjektleder for publiseringsteamet i NRK Nye Medier og gjesteb… http://bit.ly/fkJbME

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