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June 9th, 2011

Guys: boxers, briefs, banana hammock or commando? RT & reply. #poll #underwear

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@heatherAtaylor @annfinlay a Canadian treat labeled ‘Old Dutch’ and a windmill? Doesn’t look very Canadian… ;-)

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Time for a classic on the telly: Lock, stock and two smoking barrels :-)

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@stephenstohn They got me as influential on vodka & cigarettes… I don’t smoke!
(vodka, on the other hand, can be quite nice!)

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Real life Angry Birds game, by T-Mobile. Puts a smile on your face http://youtu.be/jzIBZQkj…

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@WhatsApp How do I get WhatsApp to work on my ASUS Transformer tablet?

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@AnneliesvNispen In de winter wel, maar nu niet zo veel. Zon gaat onder rond 22:30…

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Get inspired! #INSPIRIA! But not yet… Doors opening on August 1st. http://www.inspiria.no/?… @INSPIRIAsc

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@AnneliesvNispen ‘zonnevlam’? Goh, die kende ik nog niet ;-)

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Met peren? // RT @MdaBig: nlt is echt KUT

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@altibox Where will we be able to see #Mythbusters now…?

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@heatherAtaylor So sorry to hear that… :-(

My best wishes to her (and you)!

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SandyDane Zijn er nog eenzame vrouwen….? http://tinyurl.com/6cnj8…

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@darkyy92 Exactly the answer I was hoping for! :-)

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A very creative (and musical!) logo on www.google.com today (in honor of #LesPaul) @google

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Any chance you’ll get it to work on a SGS as well? // RT @darkyy92: installed #iOS5 on the iPad 2 3G 16GB and it’s not bad :)

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