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Sarpsborg, Norway

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June 27th, 2011

@gvanlee net dit geinstalleerd: http://www.youtube.com/w… . wist wel alle data van je tablet!!

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@rockitwithjbird I would add hugs & kisses if I could, but…

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OS X — Safe, yet horribly insecure http://t.co/3UiM7T4 #OSX

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BBCWorld International Criminal Court issues arrest warrants for #Libyan leader Col #Gaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam and his intelligence chief

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@gvanlee Omdat je te jong bent om bijvoorbeeld http://nl.wikipedia.org/… gelezen te hebben ;)

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Patroelje, natuurlijk! / RT @gvanlee: Hoewel… er is vast een Nederlandser woord voor patrouille…

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They’re sure taking their time when it comes to fixing the www.sarpsborg.no -> www.sarpsborg.com redirect… #Sarpsborg #fail

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Is it @grantimahara or @ToryBelleci ? / RT @KariByron Sorry. Toddler playing with my phone:)

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