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Sarpsborg, Norway

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June 14th, 2011

Du pain, du vin… en wat moest er verder nog bij? #Durftevragen

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Watching Robin Hood (2010) on my ASUS Transformer #nice

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@JeriLRyan Have some popcorn while you think it over http://t.co/D3YICSm ;-)

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@JeriLRyan Which one is funnier? A certain French chef, or The Swedish Chef? #borkbork #muppets

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@ChefEme Ever been to the Netherlands or Norway? Both are probably at least as nice as Portland :-)

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Any restaurant which will let you in their kitchen // RT @ChefEme Any idea of good restaurant in Portland ?

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BBCWorld Ruud Gullit sacked as coach of Terek Grozny after losing key match he’d been told to win by club president & Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov

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What’s in Portland? // RT @ChefEme I am at the airport , ready to go !!! Portland !

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@EmilieMeli Make sure you spend your holidays outside/in the sun, and not on Twitter! ;-)

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Alyssa_Milano Avoid getting tagged in Facebook photos! Here’s how to disable facial recognition feature: http://bit.ly/mi3pmE /via @parenting

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@EmilieMeli Still not done with them? Isn’t it holidays soon? ;-)

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