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Sarpsborg, Norway

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June 16th, 2011

Doesn’t understand why the municipality of Sarpsborg, Norway uses www.sarpsborg.com instead of www.sarpsborg.no

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gvanlee Kleine update voor #AlarmeringDroid, toetsenbord komt niet meer op bij openen zoekscherm. Met dank aan @meulie ;-)

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@PaalNilsen Sarpsborg Kommune has always had a mind of its own online. Started many years ago with using .com instead of .no ;-)

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Perhaps @SarpsborgKommune would be a better one…? ;-)

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The official Twitter account of Sarpsborg Kommune is… @paalnilsen (according to www.sarpsborg.com). Confusing name…

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Strolling through Storbyen with junior

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Friday - Downloaded #FridayAlpha for #Android: Forget to remember http://bit.ly/feTOjn

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Jacob is waking up, so I guess it’s time to give him a hand (and a new diaper) ;-)

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As… a Virgin? // RT @levarburton The only way to fly…

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@stephenstohn But email still gets through, right? ;-)

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@ChrSandtangen I know what you mean… Having trouble each summer as well…

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June 16th. Happy Birthday, sis! :-)

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Me thinks it should be… Pronto! // RT @getglue @meulie App is not supported on Android Tablets.

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