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February 8th, 2012

Ever wondered about the person behind #Siri on your iPhone 4S? http://t.co/ynsHza2T #bigbangtheory

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No Elfstedentocht, at least not in the coming days… http://t.co/ktd6K0Nk

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RT @AlexanderNL: Tering: volledige klantendatabase KPN gehacked. Hebben overheid pas na een WEEK geïnformeerd. Waarom mág dat? http://t. …

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funnyoneliners The nice thing about Twitter is that we can all let down our hair and just be our fake selves.

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HUD Google Glasses are real and they are coming soon http://t.co/uOJ3OtCB

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Adi_ction Dear self-proclaimed photographers, the quickest way to make money at photography is to sell your camera. You’re welcome.

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“Failbook: The “Back Door”” http://t.co/zU6XkVQl via @FAILBlog

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@MrWestern Yup. Slapped that on as well last night. Not sure if I keep it, since the native ICS browser syncs bookmarks anyway…

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“Failbook: Dustin Checks In” http://t.co/IXeVMXzl via @FAILBlog

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Liquipel. Invention of the decade/century, or big hoax? http://t.co/B0brWCyW

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Last WWI veteran Florence Green dies aged 110 http://t.co/UoYMe1Kf (via @DailyMirror )

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astro_andre Gaat het gebeuren? …de Elf Steden van Friesland #PromISSe http://t.co/BATP2SoQ

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@MrWestern Now running ICS 4.0.3 on my Galaxy S :-)

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@tnttoon Ook doen als je die trappen weer af gaat ;-)

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@boeren toch wel iemand op schoot genomen, he? ;-)

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the Dutch army has deployed troops in Friesland to help clearing the ice http://t.co/DAMLDvU1 #Elfstedentocht

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Gister: W.A. van Buren in Leeuwarden gesignaleerd.
Vandaag: Het leger wordt ingezet om het ijs schoon te vegen. #Elfstedentocht

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Op de hoogte blijven van het laatste nieuws rond een mogelijke #Elfstedentocht? Volg @11stvereniging !

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