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February 16th, 2012

I’m watching Alcatraz (118 others checked-in) http://t.co/eyw7szOv @GetGlue @AlcatrazonFOX

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Google may launch Android 5.0 in 2Q12, say Taiwan makers http://t.co/ItOlXKhD

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JeriLRyan Wow… RT @BadAstronomer: Lovely pic of the aurora over the midwest US as seen front the space station: http://t.co/65zlCdNe

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@davidgarnold Will the music be 3D as well? / RT @mashable: UK Viewers Will Be Able to Watch the London 2012 Olympics in 3D

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AndroidPolice Apple Still Trying To Sue The World Into Oblivion With A Fresh Suit Against 17 Samsung Devices Infringing Upon 8… http://t.co/qLe1XsFY

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Part of me is Neanderthal DNA! How much, you wonder? Less than you think… http://t.co/8gYvlSyj

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@HPNorge http://t.co/u70uNryP - NOK 17803 inkl MVA - NOK 16141 eksl MVA. Hvilken MVA-% er brukt her?

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@MichaelDell Isn’t including a letter, printed on paper, counter-environmentally friendly? ;-) http://t.co/J85Yuv79

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Adi_ction Facebook is a great place to reconnect with high school friends and lie to them about how cute you think their kids are.

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Tech gadgets we once loved but since abandoned (Photos) http://t.co/njjQQKkg

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