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Sarpsborg, Norway

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April 29th, 2011

ToryBelleci Gas $4.50 per gal.? WHAT?!!! But then I just paid $2.50 for a cup of coffee. That’s $26 a gal. Wish I could drink gas or find cheaper coffee

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@heatherAtaylor Enjoy Holland! It’s my favorite country! Visiting for business, or pleasure?

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romainguy If your app writes images to the SD card, please (I beg you), add a .nomedia file in your directory so they don’t show up in Gallery

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Not with the right app // RT @JoannaStern Taking screenshots on Android is a real bitch

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donttrythis Please google “monkey tail beard”. You’re welcome. (trying to convince Jamie to try this one…)

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Three cheers for Baron Carrickfergus & his bird! #RoyalWedding #rw11

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Kinda embarrassing for the #BBC that http://www.bbc.com/royal… doesn’t work… #RoyalWedding #rw11 #fail

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Astro_Flow @NASA photographer Bill Ingalls is an amazing man and has mad camera skills also. Endeavor poised 4 t/o during storm. http://t.co/tZxhda8

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Dear Royal Mail, it appears my invitation got lost in the mail #RoyalWedding #rw11

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engadget Shocker! Free Android apps outnumber free iPhone apps http://engt.co/mItuMY

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So the ‘school kids’ actually get to study? // RT @stephenstohn Read-through :) http://twitpic.com/4qoa6o

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LordStewie Who else would like to get in a taxi and say “Follow that car”?

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