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April 27th, 2011

mashable No Tweets Allowed at the Royal Wedding - http://on.mash.to/ljFFj5 #rw2011

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Dutch footballer signed to professional contract - at age 1 http://bit.ly/gHFFIS

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SethMacFarlane Now that we’ve seen his birth certificate, I want to see proof that President Obama is black.

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PolitieHM 9-jarige Benjamin Neyda uit #Leiden is sinds dinsdag 26 april vermist, hij droeg een groen vest . Info? 0900-8844 http://yfrog.com/h42ektvj

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Nielsen: Android overtakes iOS in desirability, sales in the US http://s.meulie.net/f8wt…

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RT @yottaa: Today Yottaa Launches 1st Automated Web Performance Optimization Service — A Faster Web Experience for Everyone! http://goo. …

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I don’t give a hoot about the Royal Wedding on Friday. If you don’t either, RT this.

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@ToryBelleci Welcome on Twitter! Now only Mr. Hineyman, and the team is complete! :-)

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@Ramonahz That’s all I use. Am I a ‘good folk’? ;-)

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@gvanlee Als het kalf verdronken is, dempt men de put. (o.i.d.)

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@gvanlee Had je dus gisteren moeten gaan :-P

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BernardusJ Forget China and India, Sweden is tech’s superpower http://reg.cx/1NH7

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Why does Dell put stuff like ‘Modem diagnostic tool’ on a laptop without a modem…? #Dell #fail

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@kristianlunde for when she’s ready to move on to singing about food: http://www.youtube.com/w…

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LoesjeNL **raar is zo gek nog niet** http://twitpic.com/4q07wf #loesje #goeiemorgen

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LordStewie ill be burger king and youll be mcdonalds, ill be having it my way and youll be loving it (;

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I’ll ask when/if I ever meet one // RT @rockitwithjbird what do normal people do in free time?

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LATimescitydesk From our photo archives, 1968 — Caltech students at NBC to protest rumored `Star Trek’ cancellation: http://lat.ms/ibKr8T

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