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Sarpsborg, Norway

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January 4th, 2011

@elskef Bedankt! Ik heb meteen de ‘Lieve Oma Pluis’ #Nijntje besteld bij @bol_com.
€20 (incl. verzend) is niet goedkoop, maar het vast waard

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Hoe bereid ik een 2,5 jarige voor op het op handen zijnde overlijden van zijn oma? #durftevragen #kanker

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Specs appeal: Want to get that job? Wear glasses to the interview - http://s.meulie.net/gmuW…

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NotGaryBusey Don’t worry about those 4,000 dead birds falling from the sky. God is just playing Angry Birds.

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@CaliLewis I so wish I could join you there! :-)

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Layar We welcome 2011 with a fresh update to our iPhone client. Version 4.0 is here! http://bit.ly/gWOmvK

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RT @wereldomroep: Makreeloorlog tussen Faröer Eilanden en Noorwegen: De Noren, de Schotten, de IJslanders en de Faröerezen z… http://t

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RT @mashable: Android Nipping at iOS’ Heels in Market Share [STATS] - http://on.mash.to/goVNbm

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engadget Chrome closes out the year with ten percent browser share, gains at expense of IE http://engt.co/fF7dcl

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miloszz Each time I hear “Four Chords Song” by The Axis Of Awesome only one word comes to my mind: HILARIOUS.

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