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January 27th, 2011

JeriLRyan Didja know? Disney made a live-action version of UP in the 1960’s: http://is.gd/wl5zTD /via @KenPlume

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googleapis Check out a beautiful periodic table of Google APIs by @edr http://code.google.com/m…

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@Crystal_Jewels1 I’d prefer, for example, ‘Quality Life Preservers’ over ‘Cheap Life Preservers’ ;-)

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@Crystal_Jewels1 Some times quality simply isn’t all that important, but cheap is… ;-)

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engadget Google adds HTML5 Gmail and Gtalk notifications for the desktop, makes you envy Chrome users http://engt.co/fyGGUU

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mashable Google Engages in Subtle Form of Censorship - http://on.mash.to/fNwHBY

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jimmy_wales If only there were an online encyclopedia… oh wait, what was that site? http://ow.ly/3KSva

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