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August 14th, 2011

If the Earth dies, we die. If we die, the Earth survives #tippingpoint #environment

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@EmilieMeli I hope you will, some day. Adoring Bieber isn’t gonna get you very far in this life… unless you become his mistress/wife :-P

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@stephenstohn Been watching that series ever since episode 1, and your tweet reminded me of that fragment immediately :)

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@EmilieMeli Glad to see you got your priorities straight, and rate some (hopefully all) activities above Bieber :-)

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@spoonapps How do I access IE6/IE7/IE8 now? They no longer show in the list…

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RT @Alyssa_Milano: Apple’s iTunes Sued By Artist for Pirating Music http://t.co/fR0W2Hg /via @manikarthik

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