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August 31st, 2011

@JeriLRyan I’ve taken the liberty of adding you to 2 of my circles on G+: ‘celebs’ & ‘good people’ :-)

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@kevinmitnick Congrats! I can hardly wait for Amazon to ship my copy to me!

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Congratulations to @Alyssa_Milano and husband @dbugliari, who welcomed a baby boy this morning! http://t.co/drh9xpB

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@LinkedIn You may want to give ticket reference #110831-004603 some priority. Possible DB corruption/mixup.

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AndroidPolice Google Voice For Android Finally Updated With Fixes For Self-Pausing Play Button And Delayed Notifications http://t.co/yYXsPJA

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SkyNewsBreak Reuters: Colonel Gaddafi’s Foreign Minister Abdelati Obeidi arrested by Anti-Gaddafi forces west of Tripoli

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@palmarthinsen Silver Bird (Chrome Extension). a clear winner :-)

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“Norwegian employees at risk from kidnappers” http://t.co/pwHPEkS

How about a bodyguard, boss? ;-)

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@JosK Ah, dus ze _zijn_ al met pensioen? En vervangen door iets met een betere CPU? Een Android telefoon, of zo? ;-)

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@JosK IBM stuurde de AS/400 in 2000 al met pensioen http://t.co/v8E9K3n

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@kevinmitnick One of those 8 copies is now making its way to Norway, to my casa! :-)

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