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Sarpsborg, Norway

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August 29th, 2011

The fastest way to charge your Nissan LEAF without power supply http://t.co/rXG9DXz

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engadget Samsung’s ChatON messaging service brings free texting to Android, iOS and BlackBerry (video) http://t.co/pQQzHIS

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An estimated 300,000 Norwegians have such a basic level of reading that they have difficulty functioning in society. http://t.co/aDXr5nq

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Roses are red,
Facebook is blue.
No mutual friends,
who the f*ck are you…

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ardrone Want to pilot AR.Drone with your Android phone? Soon on Android: subscribe to our e-mail alert now! http://t.co/ZLimqAt #android

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The usual breakfast TV here: StarTrek: TNG, interlaced with @Alyssa_Milano promoting Wen & @Justinbieber Proactiv…

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JeriLRyan Serge Gainsbourg tribute show. I think we just saw the 1st simulated orgasm the Hollywood Bowl orchestra ever accompanied. ;-)

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LoesjeNL **eerste werkdag . . ik nam uit automatisme m’n eigen WC-rol nog mee naar het toilet** http://t.co/pPdpHjx #loesje #maandag

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