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August 17th, 2011

SkyNewsBreak Scotland Yard: 1,744 people arrested & 1,010 charged in connection with riots in London

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I just bought 125 shares in @JOSK on Empire Avenue http://t.co/9qfwSdw

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Still no access to the website of @tripit here in Norway… Down for many hours now… #fail

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Gerard Depardieu relieves himself on a CityJet plane to Dublin - but not in the toilet http://t.co/u5bN4fP

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@thinkgeek Pretty confident bunch, selling the media weeks before the player was even available!

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thinkgeek Today in Geek History: In 1982, ABBA’s “The Visitors” is 1st CD to go on sale—7 weeks before 1st CD players went on sale for $900.

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Hmm, looks like the #TripIt site is down. Getting 504’s there… @tripit

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Hmm, @birgerweb just confessed to me that he broke the @tripit website… ;-)

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@TripIt Any known site issues? I am seeing 504’s when trying to access www.tripit.com

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…and the most expensive city in the world is… Oslo! http://t.co/E8sH8bm (according to #UBS)

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@ShelterBox I can hardly wait until the 2 boxes I donated in march will finally get shipped/put to use!

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In de cirkelzaag / «@overbob In welke cirkel stop jij Google+ ? http://t.co/xGOrjSt»

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How a book is made, from the Middle Ages to today http://j.mp/qTuGeq #books

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googlemaps Google Maps 5.9 for Android now available - adds voice guidance and tablet support for Transit Navigation (Beta). http://t.co/Kb6N2g9

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googlechrome Too quick to close? Use CTRL+SHIFT+T (CMD+SHIFT+T in Mac) to recover last closed tab (It saves the tab nav history too!) #TipTues

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Nasty people make more money than nice people. http://t.co/tpvNNTX

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